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Introducing Grumpy from the Planet Klingon February 19, 2008

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It happened. I guess it was going to. Paige got my cold. Last night she ran a fever of 100.8. I decided to take today off. I would rather miss 1 day of work than 2 when daycare calls me to pick her up. Good thing too. Her fever got up to 101.4 already. And that’s with Motrin. I have decided that both Mommy and Paige being sick at the same time and stuck in the house together is NOT a good idea. Neither one of us has any patience. OK, like Paige does normally anyway. Mommy doesn’t have any patience.

First, she’s Grumpy. We’re talking on the brink of a full blown melt down every second grumpy. The kind of grumpy that would normally get her sent to her room for not being nice. But I can’t send her to her room if she’s sick. Right? Good, because I haven’t.

Next, she’s clingy. Not just a little clingy either. I mean stuck to me like she’s been gorilla glued to me. She’s my very own Klingon. And she even has a temper like Worf. (It’s OK, I know you probably won’t get it.) In some ways it’s nice that she wants her Mommy. Like when we sat on the couch for an hour reading books. But, other times, it’s not so nice. Like when I was trying to fix lunch.

Here’s what my house looks like sick. First, the bookshelf has been demolished. Normally this is where Paige’s books are kept. It’s within her reach so she can pick the book she wants us to read to her. Since it’s in the living room, she always has her books there to read while snuggling on the couch before bed.
Mommy got out the big guns today: the butcher paper. If you haven’t discovered this, it’s WONDERFUL!!! I grew up in a family of butchers. We drew and played on it when we were kids. At Paige’s birthday my uncle brought her a roll.

She had fun. It may not look like the house is trashed, but trust me, the house is trashed. I have Megablocks and a wagon in my kitchen. Her kitchen is all over my bedroom. I don’t even want to discuss my kitchen table or the bathroom. She’s not allowed in the bathroom. I’m not sure I want to know.

Mommy is just glad it’s nap time.


One Response to “Introducing Grumpy from the Planet Klingon”

  1. Special K Says:

    Oh man! Sylvie is soooo grumpy and clingy when she’s sick too! Logan’s not clingy but he’s very opinionated- he wants what he wants and there is no other solution. If you dare bring him somewhere it’s absolute insanity!!!! So I have one cranky to be cooped up, one cranky to go out!!!! Aah! Hope Paige feels better soon!

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