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Walle November 22, 2008

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Are we the only ones out there who were bored by this movie? I was super excited for it to come out. Pixar was doing a movie about robots. In space. How cool! Ronnie and I were both so ready to see it. We almost took Paige to the movies to see this one. But, at the time we didn’t think she would have sat still for the entire thing. We were right.

Like most Disney movies, I pre-purchased this one at the Disney Store. I picked up our copy this week. We were going to save it for Christmas, but after the few days Paige had we thought she could use a pick me up. We got her early from daycare yesterday, popped popcorn, made lemonade, and turned the lights off. By 10 minutes into it, Paige was fidgeting. By 20 minutes she was asking to go play with her toys. We turned it off.

After Paige went to bed we tried to finish it. Ronnie dozed on the couch while I read a book. Neither one of us could get into this one. For us, it’s Pixar’s first flop. Now, Toy Story 3 better be good!


3 Responses to “Walle”

  1. Monica Says:

    how sad, I was really looking forward to seeing it too.

  2. Jenny B Says:

    My brother took my kids to see it when it first came out and they all enjoyed it. We RedBox’d it the other night and we didn’t watch it more than 30 minutes. It was returned the next day!

  3. Jenners Says:

    My 4-year-old doesn’t care for the first 20 minutes or so where Wall-E is by himself but once Wall-E blasts off into outer space, he loves it. (Scene 11 by the way.) I thought it was definitely less “kid friendly” than other Pixar movies but I think it was beautifully done and quite touching. I think it was amazing how the animators were able to make Wall-E and Eve so expressive. I think it is definitely a more sophisticated and subtle movie that might not appeal to everyone. I loved it though but I could see why you might not.If you haven’t seen it yet, Kung Fu Panda is actually really good and funny if you don’t mind having the karate fighting bits and the scary Snow Leopard. Definitely review before showing to your child as it is rated PG.

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