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Tax Time February 18, 2009

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And I’m an accountant. Everyone loves me this time of year. I’ve done taxes for a couple of friends already. I have another sitting on my kitchen table just waiting. It’s a bit more complicated, so I’m waiting until Ronnie goes out of town next week so I can give it my undivided attention. I really don’t mind. Especially the one on my table, it belongs to one of my favorite people.

I was warned that at tax time I would find friends I didn’t know I had. Everyone wants their taxes done by someone who can get them the most back. And someone who’ll do it cheap. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that most people haven’t asked me to do their taxes. I’ve offered to a couple of people, and Ronnie has offered to a couple of his coworkers. I have been asked lots of questions though. If I don’t know an answer I go to my favorite resource, the IRS. Their website is very user friendly.

Sometimes I bring it on myself. I was at The Disney Store the other day and I heard 2 of the associates talking. One was telling the other that she could get a credit for her house. That her friend had told her so. I couldn’t help myself. I asked her when she bought it. The answer? 12 years ago. Sorry, honey, the credit is only for people who purchased a home during a certain time frame last year and part of this year. I couldn’t help it, I had to say something!

Did you know you can file your taxes online for free? You don’t have to pay someone to do them for you. If you have an adjusted gross income of less than $56,000 you can file for free through sites such as HR Block, and Turbo Tax. Click here to find your own service.

On a side note, this could be my last post for a few days. See, this is Mardi Gras weekend coming up. We’ll be leaving Friday afternoon headed to New Orleans. Tomorrow night I have to pack & get everything ready. We’re leaving as soon as we get out of work. Ronnie has to leave on Sunday for Atlanta. I’m not sure what day I’m coming back. I may come back anytime between Saturday night and Monday. It’l be an unplugged weekend. I won’t be checking email or anything while I’m there. Mardi Gras deserves our full attention. By the time I get back to the house to get online I’ll be too tired. I should be back by Tuesday, Mardi Gras day. I have to be back at work Wednesday morning.


2 Responses to “Tax Time”

  1. Heather Says:

    Have fun in N’ Orleans!

  2. Monica Says:

    I am going to butcher this spelling, but Laissez les bon temps rouller!!!!

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