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And he’s gone March 1, 2009

Filed under: Daddy,Mommy,Paige — scifimama @ 1:49 pm

We knew it was coming. Ronnie left at noon today. Paige was very adamant that she didn’t want her Daddy to leave. She was extremely attached to him over the weekend. His leg if about 30 pounds lighter now that she’s been detached.

Friday afternoon Daddy took his little girl shoe shopping, her favorite activity I think. She can clearly identify the mall. She knows where the shoes stores are & the carousel. Yep, the girl can already shop. They bought 2 new pair of shoes: Dora tennis shoes and pink sparklies. She recently outgrew all her shoes & needed some new ones.

Saturday was a birthday party during the day, then a night out for Mommy & Daddy. We put Paige down to bed & went out for a late dinner at a local seafood restaurant. (Thanks to his last job for the gift card.) The food was OK. It was nice to get out & have a quiet meal without having to keep a 3 year old occupied.

Today Daddy got up with Paige & they made breakfast. We spent the morning lounging around while Ronnie finished packing. He’ll be 4 hours away for the next 3 weeks. Tomorrow he finds out his work schedule and whether or not he’ll be able to come home during that time.


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