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Easter Weekend Recap April 13, 2009

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Let me warn you now, this post involves complete picture overload.

It was definitely an eventful weekend. We started Friday by going to the science museum. We were greeted by a huge beating heart. I think it looks pretty cool.

Emily got to perform virtual heart surgery. I did a knee replacement. It was yucky. But now I know what the doctors will do when they eventually have to replace my left knee.

The white everything and the blue lights made me feel like I was in an episode of Star Trek. I think the pics turned out really funky looking. We finished up with the science museum and went down the block to another museum. This one had an exhibit on pirates.

G-mama, Paige & Emily played on the pirate ship. I don’t know where they sailed but she kept telling me she was leaving.

I was disappointed in this exhibit. I was hoping for more. This was really short on displays & descriptions. The main thing in the exhibit hall was the parts of the ship they built for the exhibit. We still had a good day though.

Friday night we took Emily back home to New Orleans. We got up Saturday for an egg hunt. This is done each year by Emily’s neighborhood. Each year a group of Mommies meet up at the gazebo and hide eggs. Everyone meets up later to hunt, hunt, hunt. Paige did extremely well here. She found the most eggs, 43. We were very serious scoping out the best spots to search.

We followed up egg hunt with a nice lunch of crawfish. Yummy!! Then we were on the road headed home. Paige had a bit of an exciting day, and one without a nap. On the way home we discovered this in the backseat.

Sunday was the usual Easter day. The Easter bunny came to visit us bright and early. Paige got to hunt eggs that the great bunny left for her. Paige left him a small bowl of carrots & a bottle of water. He ate the carrots & took the bottle of water with him. Must have been thirsty. He left Paige a very full basket of treats. Very little candy, but some nice books, a View Master, hair accessories, and Kidz K’nex.

It looks like the bunny went all out. But I would like to point out that our bunny knows how to catch a really good sale. The bunny also starts shopping early & stashing things away. Grammy made Paige a beautiful pink dress to wear.

The back is what makes this dress so adorable.

We went to Aunt Ann’s house to have lunch & an egg hunt with the family. It was a larger than usual gathering and Paige was very uncomfortable. We didn’t stay long. Even before the egg hunt she was ready to go back across the street to Grammy’s house. Grammy came over to watch the egg hunt and Paige walked back across the street with her. I gathered up a few more of treats and headed back across.

Grammy & Grumpy couldn’t decide which outfit they liked better. So, Grammy had to make 2 of them. The dress was for the day, then Paige had an outfit change into her egg hunting outfit.

I got her to change the outfit, but couldn’t get her to change the shoes. We all know how Paige is about her shoes. I think her favorite Easter present is the new sandals from Grammy & Grumpy.


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  1. silver star Says:

    I like her Easter dress, and your background.

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