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Paige’s Big Girl Bed September 7, 2009

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We’re home. I think the travel update and pictures will have to wait another day. The big event was revealing Paige’s new bedroom to her. We’ve been planning this for a little over a month now. That’s how long it took to get the furniture special ordered. We fell in love with this loft bedroom set. The top is a twin, the bottom a full, the left side is stair with a drawer in each stair, and the right side is a dresser. We don’t need the full bed setup now, so Ronnie converted that area into a Princess Fort. Every kid needs a fort in their room. Ryan and Jeff want one now.

Here’s a before picture. Her crib converted down to a toddler bed. And would have gone to a full bed had we wanted to do that. The closet has no doors, and the windows are covered only by blinds. Ronnie called this his Trading Spaces Workout. And if you ever need a Trading Spaces partner, let us know. Ronnie would totally rock!!!

Her chalkboard wall.

Ronnie started by painting 2 walls pink. He also moved shelves from above the bed to above the chalkboard wall. The closet and the blinds have matching sheers over them now. He moved the baby furniture into the attic. Well, except for the dresser, that’s in the closet and actually holds her clothes. The new dresser has blankets and dress up clothes. He had help from Ryan and Jeff to move the big girl furniture into the room and putting it all into 1 large piece.

Once he got the loft in place the real work began. That’s when Daddy had to put up the shelves. And create the Princess Fort. To create this, Ronnie actually sewed the curtains for this. Then he moved in the doll house and lots of stuffed animals. But it didn’t seem quite finished to him. To play on the floor like that she needed some throw pillows. So he made them. That’s right folks. Ronnie builds furniture (one day I’ll post pics of the computer desks he built), he paints, he sews, and he draws. He’s a natural for Trading Spaces.

Here’s the final results.

The big reveal.

Taking off shoes to get up into her bed.

Showing Daddy the pillows match.

She couldn’t wait to crawl into bed and read.

Paige loves her new Big Girl Room as she calls it. Ronnie did an amazing job of transforming the room while we were gone.


5 Responses to “Paige’s Big Girl Bed”

  1. Monica Says:

    AMAZING! What a great job. I love that furniture and pink and green together rock!

  2. Amy Says:

    What a FANTASTIC big girl room! Kudos to Ronnie for some great handiwork!!! :o) Glad to know you and Paige had a nice vacation!

  3. That is a truly awesome room. I want to crawl into bed and read there, too!!

  4. Steph Says:

    I LOVE the room makeover. Ronnie did a fantastic job!

  5. C. Beth Says:

    Wow, he did awesome!! Fantastic.

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