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The Day After November 27, 2009

Filed under: Holidays — scifimama @ 4:41 pm

Yesterday was a day full of family and food, two of my favorite things.  We had a lunch with Ronnie’s parents, an afternoon visit with my parents, then dinner at my uncles house.  With the size of my family I won’t even tell you how many people were there.  I’ll leave it up to your imagination.  I will tell you we filled up the 2 car garage with tables, then overflowed into the dining room, eat in kitchen and the bar separating the kitchen and living room.  Kids were running and playing and having a blast.  Paige and Andrew (her cousin who’s a few months younger than her) were inseparable.  That’s what I love about holiday get togethers: watching Paige play with her cousins like I played with mine.  I’m very proud to say that I stuck pretty well to my diet.  I ate small meals and didn’t stuff myself.  I took only 1 bite of dessert and gave the rest away.

Today was a major lay around the house day.  Even Paige slept late for her.  She’s usually up at 6, but slept until 7:15.  We finally got out of jammies around 2 this afternoon.  I’ve been playing on Facebook off and on today and reading the updates from my friends who went out Black Friday shopping.  They said it was fun but the crowds were horrible.  I guess that’s a good thing for the economy, right?  We didn’t go out shopping this year.  That would mean getting out of that nice warm bed and putting on real clothes instead of jammies.  Breakfast and lunch have been close to fend for yourself.  Can’t really do that completely with Paige since she can’t make her own lunch yet.  But there’s been no organized sit down to the table meals.  Maybe tonight.  We’ll have to see.  The most exercise I’ve had today is letting the cats in and out.  I didn’t eat much turkey yesterday, but I feel like that typical Thanksgiving afternoon turkey triptofan lazy hangover.  Hmmm. Maybe it’s not the turkey.  Maybe it’s just the overload of family and food that does it.
I hope everyone had a good day with family and friends yesterday.  This 4 day weekend is shaping up to be a relaxing one for us.  Tomorrow we break out the Christmas tree and start decorating.

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