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Super What? February 7, 2010

Filed under: Whatever — scifimama @ 7:21 pm

There’s a game on?  Really?  I know there’s something called the Super Bowl.  I thought that was when all these great commercials came on. They are packaged around some sort of sporting event, but do people really watch it?  I’m finding the answer to that must be a definite yes.  We live in an area where the Saints are the team to watch.

At least now they are the team to watch.  There are more and more people who have jumped on the bandwagon as the season went on.  I can honestly say that Ronnie and I aren’t fans.  He grew up in New Orleans when they wore Schewgmans bags to the games and called the team the Ain’ts, not the Saints.  He’s a Steelers fan.  I don’t like football.  The others in the house, Unc, Aunt Wii, the boys, they are Saints fans.  I’m not talking about the people in this house.  There are lots of people of Facebook who were never fans who all of a sudden are.  There are also lots of people I see around in person who are the same.

I’m so tired of hearing Who dat a hundred times a day.  I never heard it when the Saints were losing.  Personally, I’m ready for the game to be over.  Based on the sounds coming from next door, I’m not sure how the game is going.  Paige just came in here and reported she’s eating broccoli at a Super Bowl party.  I must go check this out for myself.  I’m sure she ate chips over there, but broccoli?  She says it was cooked, not crunchy (her words for raw veggies).  Something isn’t right. I just don’t see Aunt Wii cooking broccoli for the party.


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