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Migraines April 28, 2010

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They suck.  That could be the end of the post right there. Or, I could elaborate a bit.  Think I’ll go with the second option.  I never had migraines until I moved to the town we live in now.  Before then, I had some headaches, and but not migraine status headaches.

I’ve learned some things that trigger them.  I know when a bad storm comes through I’ll probably get one.  If I get stressed out, or have a serious lack of sleep, one will probably start.  I also have TMJ so if I clench my teeth I’ll end up with one.  When it’s from the last type, chewing gum helps.  It forces me to unclench my jaws and relax.  Stress or lack of sleep can be somewhat easy to control.  Storms?  Can’t control those, just have to deal with it.  Some strong, over powering smells can also trigger a migraine.

That’s what happened today.  A lady came in to give a presentation today wearing way too much perfume. It was a strong scent and she must have been wearing half a bottle.  The presentation lasted 1 1/2 hours, and it was a small, closed room.  We did leave one door open, at the back of the room, and that’s where I sat.  It was still awful!  I know that five of us left that room with bad headaches.  I smelled her perfume when we got back from lunch and she was two rooms away. Knowing what was coming, I took a headache pill before I ever walked into that meeting.  It helped some, but not nearly enough.  I actually had to leave work, come home and change clothes.  I could still smell it as if it were clinging to my clothes.  I’m not sure if it was or if it was just all in my head, but that and laying down means my headache is starting to get better.

I have two different migraine medicines.  I have one that I can take when it starts, or when I think one may be triggered.  Today I knew that there as a 99% chance I would get one from that perfume so I took one before the meeting.  I even gave one to a coworker.  She has a prescription for the same one, but had left hers at home.  She shares with me if I’m out at the office; it’s nice that both of us use the same medicine.  The other I have is only for when it gets too bad for the first to work. I can’t keep it at work because once I take it, I pass out within 15 minutes.  If it starts to get that bad at work, I leave before my vision gets blurry and I can’t see to drive home.  I’m hoping this one gets better before I need to pick Paige up from daycare.


One Response to “Migraines”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    Ugh. I'm just so sorry you deal with that. I hope it's better soon.Sad to me that someone is that unaware, that they'd wear THAT MUCH perfume. I don't wear perfume because I had a friend who was so sensitive to scents–I think it was more of an allergy thing for him. So I just don't wear it at all; you never know who might be sensitive around you.

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