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Earning Shoes June 24, 2010

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We’ve been trying to figure out when Paige could have her shoes back.  She’s been good here and there, but nothing super special.  Most nights she has a melt down over something horrible, like her peas and carrots are touching on her plate.  Oh!  The horrors!  Peas and carrots touching!  They came frozen that way in the bag, and I’m not separating them out.

Aunt Wii’s sister was over last night and suggested giving her back a pair every 3 days for being good.  Definitely a good suggestion.  I told Ronnie about it and he gave Paige a list of things to do every day.  If she does them every night, then she can pick a pair of shoes from the overflowing Olive Garden take out bag.   Nothing too horrible; in fact very simple things.

  1. Eat supper 
  2. Wash her hair
  3. Bathe herself
  4. Brush her teeth
  5. Listen to bedtime stories
All of that must be done without whining and complaining.  Once she’s told to brush her teeth we don’t want to repeat ourselves five or six times. 
Tonight Paige did all of these.  Whining was kept to a minimum.  Actually, it was more speaking that whining, so it was acceptable.  Paige picked her sandals.  She’s been wanting them the worst.  Every morning she’s asked if she could wear them.  Tomorrow she gets to wear them.  With a dress.  Since she got dresses back on Sunday she’s worn a dress everyday.
Another incentive we’ve put out there is a movie.  If Paige can be good every day from yesterday through Saturday, then on Sunday we’ll go see Toy Story 3.  We’ve planned to take her to see it, but we think she should earn it.  Especially with the attitude we’ve been getting lately.  I hope she can make it.  I really want to see that movie.  I’ve waited 11 years for it.  

One Response to “Earning Shoes”

  1. Kim S Says:

    I would have never thought of that, but to Gabrielle that would not be a punishment! Please tell me the stuff I got her wasn't put in the mean old olive garden bag..definitely don't want her associating me with that type of punishment…lol.Glad it is working. She is such a diva. Just look at Julia and that will be Paige in a few more years!!

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