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Lunch thieves July 29, 2010

Filed under: Work — scifimama @ 12:14 pm

Normally everyone at work is pretty nice. We have a fridge in the kitchen where everyone pure their lunch bag. Today I went to get my Tombstone frozen pizza from the freezer for lunch. It was gone. Kelli and I were splitting that with some ramen noodles we’ve both been craving. No idea who took it but I hope it gave them heartburn. Is that wrong of me? I don’t mind sharing but it was the last one of a package of six and I was counting on it for my lunch today. Looks like it’s ramen and chips Kelli had stashed at her desk.


2 Responses to “Lunch thieves”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    This whole food-stealing-at-work thing…it just makes no sense to me!! So weird. Buy your own pizza, people!!

  2. StrangeMamma Says:

    Oh boo!! I would totally be stalking the halls, giving likely suspects dirty looks and sniffing everyone for telltale pizza smells.

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