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Spices August 2, 2010

Filed under: Daddy,food — scifimama @ 8:23 pm

Ronnie mixes up his own special blend of spices he calls Mojo.  A couple of years ago we sent some to our friend Caroline.  She absolutely loved it, and even blogged about it.  (I would include a link here, but she stopped blogging.)  The other day on Facebook I mentioned I was going out to buy the spices Ronnie needed to mix up a new batch.  I guess a few of our mutual friends remember how much Caroline gushed about it last time.  I got some requests for spices to be sent.

I promised out spices to those I knew I could send them to.  Then I created a wait list.  Yes, you read that correctly, a wait list for his spice mix!  Everything is all mixed up, packaged, boxed and labeled.  I’m heading to the post office tomorrow at lunch.  It may take two trips into the building.  Hopefully those getting Mojo will enjoy it and think it was worth the wait.  And just maybe they’ll like the extra thrown into the box as well.


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