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All ready for school August 8, 2010

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Tomorrow is Paige’s first day of school.  We elected to keep her at our daycare, in their K-4 program.  They follow the same curriculum as the public school, only in a smaller setting.  The class is taught by an elementary education major, state certified teacher.  It’s even state subsidized.  More like private school than public school, but the same program.

I got Paige her new pair of Twinkle Toes.  She absolutely loves them.  I thought about waiting to give them to her tomorrow morning, but then decided it would be better if she tried them on to make sure they fit.  It would be devastating to get dressed for the first day of school and find out the shoes were too small.  Paige has been on a small growing spree lately, and her toes are dangerously close to the end of her sandals.  I had to be sure.  Luckily, shoes all fit.  No special new clothes for tomorrow, but we have new shoes.

Friday daycare had an end of the summer party.  They partied the day away with pizza, chips, ice cream, and a very special treat: a movie.  Daycare does not normally even have a TV.  But, with it being the final day of summer, one was brought in for the day.  They’ve been talking about the end of summer and the beginning of the school year.  The more Paige hears about school the more excited she gets.  Paige is talking more about what she’s be doing and how she will be learning more things to get smarter and smarter.

Ronnie keeps reminding me that it isn’t Big Girl School yet.  I know that.  But I did take the morning off from work.  I will get up, get Paige dressed and ready to go.  I’ll take the usual first day pictures and take her to school.  I don’t have to have the morning off, but it will be nice.  Next year, Paige will start Big Girl School.  Some of my coworkers and I have already made our plans for next year.  Their kids will be starting high school while mine starts kindergarden.  We’ll all take the full day off for registration, and the first day of school.  We’re planning a day of it for Mommy’s to enjoy.  I won’t have that until next year, but I’m still looking forward to tomorrow.  My baby girl starts school.


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