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Getting Disney Ready August 17, 2010

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Now that we’ve decided we’re doing this, it’s time to start preparing.  I love to plan trips.  They’re fun.  They don’t have to be big huge week long vacations, just a couple of days away.  But I really get into the prep work of it all.  You know, finding a place to stay, things to do to keep us occupied, budgeting, all that good stuff.   In order to prepare for Disney I did two things immediately: downloaded an app to my iPhone and checked out the Unofficial Disney Guide 2010 from the library.

The app is great.  It’s got good tips on everything from where to find an ATM to what each restaurant serves, and how much they charge.  Definitely convenient when you’re on the go in Disney World.  The guidebook has the same info, but let’s face it who’s going to carry a 700 page book when they’ve got an app for it? Even I wouldn’t do that!  The guidebook has given me good tips on the best times to get character autographs and where to find the cute pink Mickey ears with the tiara on top.

Monday at work I was thinking and planning a bit.  One of the things that popped into my head is how much walking I’ll be doing that day.  And how much walking I don’t do on a normal day.  Then I got to thinking about my shoes.  I know, you’re thinking the same thing my friend Kelli did: any excuse for Angie to go shoe shopping.  Well, I had to.  My shoes are mostly work shoes.  Casual I have a choice of sandals, flip flops, Converse (hi or low and 3 colors to pick from), K Swiss (7 years old and no support left to speak of), and a pair of 12 year old Nikes that rub my toes and leave blisters if worn for too long.  None of those would do.  So after work I did the hard job of going shoe shopping.  Luckily, I found exactly what I was looking for right away.  I only had to try on 7 pairs of shoes at the sporting goods store.  I went in looking for Skechers, and walked out with my first pair of Adidas.  They have a gel cushion sole, great arch support, are mesh, and very lightweight.  And the best part was their sales price was firmly in my budget.

Monday night Ronnie and I put those new shoes to the test.  After Paige went down to sleep Aunt Wii listened out for her and off we went on a walk.  I’m happy to say I walked 1 1/4 miles tonight.  I only got winded once, walking up a very steep hill and trying to talk at the same time.  I got a bit winded, but easily recovered and finished out the lap.  Next time we may add a bit more to it.  I need to be able to do 5 or 6 miles in the heat.


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