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Birthday weekend coming up! August 23, 2010

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Saturday is Ronnie’s birthday.  He asked to go see the Star Wars Exhibit at the Huntsville Space & Rocket Center.  It’s easily within driving distance from our house.  Friday we’ll drive to Huntsville, spend the night and go to the exhibit the next day.  We’re all looking forward to it.  Paige is excited to go see Star Wars stuff in person.  I’m excited for the Millennium Falcon ride.  I’m thinking this is going to be a pretty good birthday.  We may stay Saturday night as well and drive home on Sunday.

The trip will be a quick one but should be lots of fun.  We plan on spending part of the day in the exhibit and another part in the regular museum.  We may spend some time in the hotel pool as well.  Overall, not a whole lot planned other than the museum.  Checking around online there’s not really a lot for kids to do.  Besides, we’re looking to relax, not just go, go, go.

I just told Paige about the Star Wars trip yesterday.  The first thing she asked was if we were going to take any other trips.  I told her yes, we’re going to Florida next month.  When she asked why I told her we’re going to the beach she was happy with that.  We haven’t decided which day we’ll tell her about going to Disney.  For right now it’s all just going to the beach.  I told her about the Star Wars trip yesterday and it’s all I’ve heard about for 2 days now.  Not sure I can handle 2 or 3 weeks of Disney talk from her.


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