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Extended harnessing August 25, 2010

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I don’t think of myself is a very overprotective, skiddish, hovering type of parent. I’m all for Paige playing, getting dirty, and having fun. She has to ride a helmet while on her bike. I look away when she swings super high. I let her run barefoot in the yard. One of the things I’m very concerned about is car seats. I’m not so worried about my driving. I’ve had 2 accidents, and both have been someone else’s fault. I’m more worried about everyone else’s driving.

Last year for our anniversary Ronnie got me a new car seat. Romantic, huh? It’s exactly what I wanted. You see, Paige is still 5 point harnessed. State law says she only has to be in a booster seat. But state law and Mommy law don’t agree on this one. Studies have shown how much safer it is to have smaller children in a 5 point harness. More importantly, I feel safer with her still in a harness. Our seat goes up to 65 pounds harnessed. We have one seat in each car, so there’s no moving around. Those seats are heavy and not something we want to keep moving from car to car.

I did agree to buy a high back booster at the beginning of the summer. Daycare was taking them on different field trips and they would need a seat for her. I could have taken my seat in and out of my van, but that would have been too much work. Besides, then I would be worried that it had been installed correctly. I checked with a friend who installs car seats and got her recommendation on a high back booster. Luckily it came in pink. Most of Paige’s friends are already in only a booster. In fact, I think she’s the last to be 5 point harnessed in her class. Our seats convert from harness to high back booster to booster. She’s asked me why she can’t just use the seatbelt. I’ve explained that it’s just so much safer for her to be in the harness. For now Paige is accepting that answer.

Ronnie asks me if I’m going to send her to kindergarden still harnessed. I told him probably, unless she has a major growth spurt and outgrows the height limits on our harnesses. I’m sure she’ll go past the height requirement before she hits the weight. Am I the only one still harnessing at age 4 1/2?


One Response to “Extended harnessing”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Still harnessing here! And no plans to stop anytime soon.

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