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The key to good parenting August 26, 2010

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Is bribery.  That’s right, you heard me.  Bribery works wonders.  Take last night for example.  Paige was coughing pretty bad in bed, so we took her some cough syrup.  Smart Mommy also brought some blue Powerade to wash it down with.  She didn’t want the medicine, until she knew she would get some blue juice afterwards. Showed her the blue juice and she slurped down the cough medicine.

When we had problems with her paying attention in tae kwon do I bought several packs of Silly Bandz.  When she listens in class and her instructor doesn’t say anything to her, she gets to pick one.  She likes picking her new bracelet.  I had stopped doing it for a while, then she started not listening as well.  I think the not listening as well had to do with being out for a couple of days, then school starting back so she was more tired at that point in the day.  What ever it was, she’s doing much better now.

Bribes don’t have to be anything big and fancy either.  Sometimes she gets bribed with an extra story at bedtime.  Or popcorn for a snack instead of something else.  It really depends on what we have going on.  Like anything else, we have to pick our battles.  Some days she wants to wear clothes that don’t match.  Do I let her wear them?  Depends on what it is.  Somethings I just say OK and let it go.  Somethings I refuse to give in on.  Others, I use bribery.

A word of caution: bribery must be used sparingly!  If not, they come to expect it. Then it’s not bribery, it’s a spoiled child.


One Response to “The key to good parenting”

  1. Jennifer de Lorm Says:

    I call it positive reinforcement but we all know its just a fancy term for bribery 🙂

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