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Space Museum September 1, 2010

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There’s plenty of things to see at the space museum other than Star Wars stuff.  Being the good Geeks that we are, we were looking forward to this part of the museum as well.  They had 2 great areas for kids.  The first was a climbing wall.

She only got about half way up the wall.  Creative photography.

There’s an outdoor section called “Energy Depletion Zone” which was just what we needed.  They had a mini Space Shot where the kids were pulled up about 20 – 25 feet and released in a controlled drop.

Paige rode it 5 times.  By the last time she was laughing at the other kids who were screaming.

The Pathfinder was used by NASA to see if the shuttle would fit through all the areas required.  It’s a hollow shell.

The Rocket Garden.

Mommy’s favorite helicopter: the Huey.  I flew on these a lot in Honduras.

Paige & Mommy walking away.

Paige liked the rockets.

She picked a shuttle key chain covered in bling as her souvenir.  She kept holding it up to the sun saying it could make our wishes come true.  All we had to do was pretend we were flying in it and make a wish.


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