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My new car September 6, 2010

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Saturday morning was spent at the dealership.  We picked out my new car and asked them to beat the interest rate we had already been pre-approved for.  Certainly didn’t hurt to see who could give us the better rate.  The finance guy just did not listen to us.  We told him we had $5,000 to put down, he did all the paperwork with $3,000 down.  Then he forgot my $500 customer loyalty for returning Kia customers.  Then he tried to offer us all these options we could bundle in with our financing.  Ronnie wasn’t impressed.  He got Paige’s stuff together and we went out to lunch.  As we were sitting at the Chinese buffet, the manager called.  The manager listened to what I said.  Suddenly they remembered the customer loyalty and realized that we had more of a downpayment than they were giving us credit for.  After we finished lunch we went back to the dealership, only a couple of blocks away.

When we walked back in everything was correct.  We did have to wait about 15 minutes while the finance guy finished up with someone else.  Besides it gave them time to fill up my new car and get it all ready for me.  I walked out of the dealership with a 2011 Kia Soul in Alien.  I sat in my new car with only 16 miles on it.  It has everything: sunroof/moonroof, upgraded stereo system, power mirror with compass and Homelink, bluetooth built in, Sirius radio, cargo cover, carpeted floormats, storage divider, door speakers have colored ring around them that lights up to the music, bluetooth, radio & cruise are controlled from the steering wheel.  It has the nitros fill tires that improve tire life, gas mileage and decreases my carbon footprint.  I got an automatic, my arthritis in my left knee doesn’t like clutches very much.  But the automatic has the Porsche designed triptonic engine.  While in drive I can bump it over and have a clutchless manual if I want.  Ronnie is more likely to use that feature than I am, but it’s there if we want or need it.

I know this type of car isn’t for everyone.  And the color definitely isn’t.  Some of my friends have told me they just don’t like the color.  I’m OK with that.  I’m the one who has to drive it, and it’s the color that I like.  To give Ronnie credit he didn’t blink an eye when I told him what I want or the color.  I can still remember my ex-husbands face when I said I wanted a lime green VW bug.  I didn’t get it either, I ended up with a dark blue one.  Ronnie likes me car, but isn’t as in love with it as I am.  I guess that’s fair, I’m not thrilled with his car, but he has to drive it, not me.

Front side view.

Back view.

Back side view.

This car has every option available.  It has more options than I wanted.  To keep the same color with less options would have been a 2010.  The financing being offered on a 2010 wasn’t nearly as good as the 2011.  In order to get less options our car note would have been $20 more a month.  I couldn’t see paying more for less car.


2 Responses to “My new car”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    Ooh, that’s cool! I like it! ENJOY! 🙂

  2. StrangeMamma Says:

    I love the color! And it is made so much cooler by virtue of the fact that it is called Alien. Yay for new cars!

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