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Tea Party September 7, 2010

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And other fun stuff.  My Aunt Glennis collects tea cups.  The very pretty, very breakable kind of tea cups.  She decided we need a girls only tea party with Paige, Grammy, Aunt Glennis and me.  After we picked out our tea cups from the china cabinet Aunt Glennis washed them and I decorated.  We went with a Princess theme since Paige loves the Princesses.

We had strawberry lemonade instead of tea.  There was also sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles and some chocolate chip cookies.  Paige drinks tea with her pinkie out.

After the tea party was over we all tried to lay down for a nap.  Then my cousin Stephine made an appearance.  We walked across the yard to her house (most of my family lives on adjoining property) so Paige could pick eggs from the chicken yard.

What?  You mean every Princess tea party doesn’t end in picking up eggs from a chicken coop?  Really? Hm. Must be only special tea parties then.  Anyway, Paige loved it and the eggs were yummy for breakfast the next day.  We ended our Sunday with a cookout.  A couple other family members came over to join us.  Stephine stuck around after hearing what all went into a meatloaf burger.  My Uncle brought his pictures from Hawaii and we got to hear all about his vacation.  He’s already planning his next trip there, so they must have enjoyed it.  The day ended with an impromptu 4 generation picture.

Hope you had a great weekend like we did!


One Response to “Tea Party”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    What a GREAT weekend! It sounds awesome…ideal. Hope you enjoyed driving your new car this weekend. 🙂

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