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Football season? September 9, 2010

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I somehow managed to marry someone who likes football.  Not that Ronnie watches lots of football or anything.  When he does watch football he’s a Steelers fan.  Yes, my dear husband who grew up in New Orleans likes the Steelers.  Living where we do you can’t really get Steelers merchandise.  Your choice is pretty much limited to the Saints.  I have a friend, Caroline, who lives in Pennsylvania.  You can get everything Steelers up there. Ronnie wants to plan a trip to see her so he and her hubby can go to a game.

A month or so ago Caroline needed a piece of software I had.  I happily suggested she borrow it and shipped it off. To make the package a little nicer I included a new batch of Ronnie’s spice that she likes, some season salt that’s amazing on popcorn, and a banner talking about how much we love Caroline.  She sent it back with some additional stuff for Ronnie.

He got a Steelers apron.

Paige got new Silly Bandz.

They got a pink Terrible Towel.

I’m not sure who was supposed to get the Terrible Towel.  It’s pink so Paige thinks it should be hers.  It’s Steelers, so Ronnie thinks it should be his.  We may have to send some money to Caroline for another one.  For now they’re sharing it nicely; mostly because Paige doesn’t realize when Daddy has it I think.  They are both completely outfitted for football season if they never watch a game.


One Response to “Football season?”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    Awesome!!! Hooray Caroline. 🙂

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