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Just not a football fan September 15, 2010

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Now that football season is in full swing I’m hearing about it all the time.  I’m glad people like something and want to share that with their friends.  I’m all up for some good natured rivalry among friends.  We’re Red Sox fans; we know all about the comments and rivalry.  Living in Alabama I feel like it’s even worse than in other places.

Driving around town most cars have some sort of Tide or Auburn stickers.  A lot of them have car flags.  Some even have car flags attached to every window.  I’ve seen lots of “House Divided” tags with Tide on one side and Auburn on the other.  I’ve had someone ask why my new car doesn’t have one or the other on it yet.  Friday is casual Friday at work.  We’re not supposed to wear t-shirts, but we all do some.  This time of year it’s more t-shirts than normal so my coworkers can show which team they want to win.  They’ve stopped trying to talk to me about football.  They’ve seen my eyes glaze over one too many times I think.

Where the rivalry starts to bother me is on Facebook.  It may start out as friendly, but a lot of them turn nasty rather quickly.  Not necessarily from my friends but their other friends.  To me it’s like everything else you would comment on: why purposely make a comment that will hurt the other person?  Are friends just not nice if you root for the other team?  I don’t get it. I hope I’m not the only one who doesn’t get it.

In other news:

We’re getting on the road today.  It’s a long drive to Florida from our house.  We’ll get there sometime this evening.  Then it’s up in the morning for Paige’s first trip to Disney World.  I’ll try to update from the road.  Expect posts to get back to normal by Monday.


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