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We’re home! September 21, 2010

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We got home late in the evening Saturday.  Then we spent yesterday doing lots of laundry, dropping of clothes and toys to the consignment sale, and grocery shopping.  There was so much to do we didn’t get time to rest.  Today was back to work and school for the three of us. Ronnie seems to have caught a summer cold.  He was fine when we left Florida, but was feeling sick by the time we got home.  It could be his sinuses.  Either way he’s taking lots of good cold/sinus meds and hoping to knock it out soon.

I need more time to sort through our pictures.  I don’t really think anyone is interested in seeing all 300 plus pictures we took over our little vacation.  OK, anyone other than my Mom.  I’ll sort through them and blog about my favorites.  Our vacation really was great.  September is a great time to go to Disney, especially in the middle of the week.  The lines weren’t long at all.  We rode Peter Pan and Teacups twice each, and almost everything else in the park once.  We didn’t ride Splash Mountain or Space Mountain.  We did do most of the others though.  Most wait times were 5 to 15 minutes.  We did have to use Fast Pass for Peter Pan both times.  The wait time for it was 45 minutes.

There were plenty of people who told me it was impossible to do Magic Kingdom in just one day.  Let me tell you, they were wrong.  It may not be possible in the middle of summer when ride times are an hour or more, but in September on a weekday, it’s more than possible.  I had a plan before we went in, and we stuck to it.  We went straight to Fantasy Land.  We played there from 9 to 10, then went to Toon Village at 10 when it opened.  This is where we got to meet Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Mickey and Minnie.  The wait times for them was 15 minutes for the princesses then another 15 minutes for Mickey.  After that the rest of the day was open for whatever we wanted to do.  It wasn’t overly hot either.  True, the temp was in the upper 80’s, low 90’s, but that’s what we’re used to at home anyway.

Paige really was good on the trip.  She was better behaved than a lot of the kids we saw at Disney.  In fact, she was better on vacation than she was Monday morning when it was time to get ready for school.  Let’s hope the attitude improves from that.  It was a rough first morning back.


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