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Disney Details September 22, 2010

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When we first walked into The Magic Kingdom Paige was in awe.  She’s been watching Cinderella’s castle at the beginning of all her Disney movies, and here she was in person. She couldn’t get over it.  And of course we had to take the required family photo in front of the castle.

Our first ride was Snow White.  Our cart stopped just before the exit.  Paige kept waving to Dopey above us.

Dumbo is always a must for your first visit.  Or your no idea what number visit because you stopped counting, like Mommy.  And of course we had to have a pink Dumbo.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.  Paige and Ronnie were having so much fun trying to pull the sword.

Toonville opened at 10 and we headed straight to see the princesses.  Belle is by far our favorite.  I’ve always liked the Beauty & the Beast movie.  And how could I not love a princess who reads?  Paige got to tell Belle that she’s our favorite.  And Paige’s reason?  Because she loves to read as much as Belle.  So there’s Paige talking to her favorite Princess Belle about what books she likes.  Belle said she and The Beast may try a Curious George book next, since Paige so highly recommended it.  Belle likes George and the fact that his favorite color is yellow, just like hers.

Then we got to see my favorite from Toy Story.  Oh yeah, and he’s Paige’s favorite as well.

When we got off Pirates of the Caribbean we spotted Goofy.  Not just any Goofy, but a Pirate Goofy!  Ronnie slipped the Boston hat on just before the picture was snapped.

Paige really wanted to see The Beast.  She was beyond ecstatic when he waved at her!!!  And thanks to the older couple there (without their kids) for letting Paige get in front of them at the parade so she could be at the very front.

At the evening fireworks Tinkerbell flies down from the top of the castle to Tomorrow Land. I staked out a great spot to see it. Tinkerbell flew directly over us!  Paige was still in awe.

The castle is so pretty at night.

At the end of a 14 hours in Disney, this is what Paige looked like.

By the time we got back to the car it was 14 hours from when we got out of the car.  Paige was a major trooper.  She was wide awake and chatting away as I harnessed her in.  Not even three minutes later she was out.

One of the things we did while we were there was to get our hair done at the barber shop on Main Street.  They will style your hair, paint it your choice of color, and put pixie dust in.  We had it done around lunch time.  When we got back to the hotel at 11:30, here’s what was left in my hair.

It took two good washes to get everything out, then another just to make sure.

Thanks for looking at our picture overload.  This was an amazing first trip for Paige.  As many times as I’ve been, it was wonderful to go with Paige.  She is young enough that it’s all still magical, and old enough to understand what she say and remember it.


2 Responses to “Disney Details”

  1. strangemamma Says:

    What fun!! I can’t wait for Doodle and ZuZu to get to that age where we can enjoy theme parks (especially Disneyland!).

  2. C. Beth Says:

    How FUN!!! I bet Chickie would love it at this age too.

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