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The beach September 23, 2010

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Since we had made hotel reservations to see the Shuttle launch, we were staying on the Atlantic Beach.  Ronnie had never been to Atlantic before.  I lived in Miami so I had definitely been there.  Paige and I were there last summer when we went to Myrtle Beach, but this was Ronnie’s first time.  Even though we had driven 10 hours that day, we had to go 15 minutes more to get onto the beach.  

Paige and Ronnie had fun playing on the beach for a little while.

Friday we went back to the beach for some relaxation.  On the way in to the beach we stopped to play tourist at the Cocoa Beach sign.  Luckily there was a tree stump at just the perfect height.  Ronnie set the self timer and we got to take a family picture.

After we had been at the beach a bit we went into Ron Jon Surf Shop.  There Ronnie agreed to something I never would have: we let them pitch their time shares at their resort in order to get a free stay that night.  We ended our stay with a 2 bedroom/ 2 bath condo on the beach.  There had a lazy river, water slide, children’s play area and a pool. Saturday morning was a very pretty sunrise from our balcony.

And finally, I don’t know how I possibly missed this picture yesterday when I blogged about Disney.  I hope you’ll forgive one last Disney picture.  This is Paige’s face when she first saw the Disney World sign and it was really real that we were there.

It’s not the best framed picture I’ve taken.  But I was taking it while turned around backward in my seat and still trying to keep my seatbelt on.


One Response to “The beach”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    Okay, I love the photo of her seeing Disney!!!

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