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Vacations, vacations September 24, 2010

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The word vacation may be too grand for some of the things we’ve planned.  We went to the Star Wars exhibit in August.  This month was a vacation to Florida.  October I get to relax a bit.  November is a trip to Birmingham for the zoo, and we end the year with a trip to Tennessee.  Our first to trips have been fun.  With the one we just had we can now say we don’t have a car accident each time we go on a trip somewhere.  Woohoo!!

My mother in law wants to do a family vacation.  Trying to organize three families in three different states, four work schedules and two school schedules isn’t the easiest thing in the world.  She decided a quick trip over Thanksgiving weekend would be perfect, and she’s right.  We all have off work and schools are closed.  The Birmingham Zoo is supposed to be very nice.  Living as close as we do, you would think we had already been there, but we haven’t.  I did some research and narrowed down our hotel choices, letting her make the final decision.  The rooms should have been booked by now.  We shouldn’t be leaving so early that I can’t do some good Black Friday shopping if the deals are right.  We shall see.

The December trip is Girls Only.  Me, Mom and Paige are going to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  We plan on Dollywood and no idea what else.  Paige should get to play in actual snow for the first time.  That snow day we had this year just doesn’t count.  I’ll have to buy her some real winter clothes this year.  At least a couple of sweaters.  And something more than a denim jacket.  It will be a nice trip for the Girls to get away.  We’ll be taking my new car.  And maybe by then I’ll let people eat and drink in it.

I said that October was my month to relax but that’s only partly true.  I’ve already committed myself to several things.  We have a reunion committee meeting, and I have to get some work done on that before the meeting.  A friend has a baby shower I’ve offered to help plan.  Kristi from work is having a girls night party and I’m helping throw that one.  Add in the usual weekend stuff, and October isn’t very relaxing.  And of course there’s the usual Halloween festivities.  We won’t be throwing a big party this year.  I have offered to help with the office party though.  And there will be the usual group of people around for trick or treating.

We find it easier to fit smaller trips into the budget.  That’s a definite plus.  The other benefit is we don’t use up as much vacation time.  Ronnie & I both get off work early on Fridays, so we can pack up and leave by 5 pm for a small road trip.  No using up vacation time for that.  Thanksgiving weekend is a freebie for us because we’re both off as well.  Christmas will use very little vacation time.  My office is closed for most of the time I’ll be out.


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