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Randomness September 30, 2010

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I’m still loving my new car. It’s almost a month old now and still has the new car smell! No, that’s not why I love it. But, yes, I’m still enjoying that car! I’ve been flagged down twice at red lights for people to ask me about it. Yesterday someone just sat at a stop sign pointing at my car and trying to get the guy in the passenger seat to look.

The other day I watched Ronnies cat, K-9, catch a squirrel. He managed to corner it and put his paw on the tail to kind of hold it in place. The second he did that he scared the crap out of himself and the squirrel! K-9 picked up his paw to look at it like “Woa! Dude! I caught a squirrel with this paw!” and the squirrel used that chance to run away.

My cat, Ronan, is still not allowed to sleep in bed with us. She hogs the bed, the covers, and lays on top of me. I can’t sleep that way!

My company has finally come out with an information age policy. I can blog, and I can use Facebook, but I can’t say bad things about the company or our clients. I honestly don’t think I have in almost 3 years of blogging. And of course, you have no idea where I work, or what my full name is to find out. Well, expect for my family and some real life friends, they know all those details.

Paige changed her name to Ballerina Butterfly. That was two days ago. This morning she says her name is Belle. And here’s how she’s going to school today.


One Response to “Randomness”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    Ha ha–Paige is adorable!

    My dog doesn’t sleep in our bed for the some of the same reasons your cat doesn’t.

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