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Halloween Prep October 5, 2010

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We’re definitely getting ready for Halloween around here.  Paige has decided to be Belle this year.  No surprise there.  My Girl Girl, who as I write this is laying in the floor watching Iron Man 2, wants to be a princess. We’ve got a pattern and Ronnie is actually making the costume.  I was invited to a Party City friends and family event a few weeks ago.  I managed to get the rest of her costume: Belle wig and tiara.  Paige has Belle dress up shoes, but with all the walking we’ll do, she’s going to wear tennis shoes instead.  I do need to find yellow Belle gloves still.

This year, there’s really nothing we can dress up as to match her costume.  We like to do a family dress up if we can, but I just don’t see it this year.  What am I going to be?  Mrs. Potts?  Sorry, can’t see myself in a big, bulky teapot costume.  Instead, I’m going as Uhura from Star Trek.  I finally have a reason to wear this dress I bought from Think Geek several months ago.  Just add my black winter knee high boots and I’m ready to go.  Of course for trick or treating I may not wear the high heel boots, but at least I can wear it to work.  Ronnie is dressing up in a Star Trek tunic shirt.

We really enjoy Halloween and going out trick or treating.  It’s always so much fun to watch Paige get all excited about dressing up and going out.  Anyone else have their costumes ready?


One Response to “Halloween Prep”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    I’m jealous of your Star Trek dress–love it!!

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