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Bedtime October 12, 2010

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Bedtime is 8 PM in this house.  Paige brushes her teeth after iCarly goes off, she potties, then it’s off to bed.  We read a story, give kisses and turn off the light.  We don’t hear a peep from her until the next morning.  That’s how it used to be.  For the past 2 weeks she’s been trying to put off  bedtime.  She will call for us, come out of her room and even cry.  The last 2 nights have been the worst.  She’s been crying so much she makes herself throw up.  Sunday night it was because I didn’t get to her room fast enough when she called me to tell me a secret.  Monday night it was because her flashlight is broken and hurts her thumb.

Ronnie and I are done.  We’ve tried talking to her, but this going to her room 5 times in 30 minutes is getting old.  If we don’t go in she screams and cries to the point she’ll make herself throw up.  Monday night was the final straw.  Ronnie read her a story and before he got back to the living room she was crying.  He went in and talked to her.  He was sitting in the living room maybe 3 minutes when she started yelling for me.  I went in.  She complained her flashlight is broken.  She had a great rechargeable one, but it doesn’t hold a charge for long.  I bought her a Princess one as a replacement.  She broke it the second night she had it.  Now the switch doesn’t work, but the button to hold down does work.  I refuse to buy her another flashlight just for her to break it again.  She can use the one she broke.  Now when she holds the button down too long it hurts her thumb.  I told her if I had to come in her room again she would get a spanking.  Ronnie and I had talked about it and it seemed to be the only other thing to try.  We’ve gone through taking stuff away, time outs, everything else.

You guessed it, 5 minutes later she was screaming she had thrown up.  We went in, only to find she hadn’t thrown up at all.  She just wanted us to come running.  I spanked her.  And honestly, I don’t think she really felt it through the pull up.  I reminded her I said this would happen if we came in there just one more time.  I have to follow through on what I say, otherwise I’ll be one of those moms who just gives empty threats and her kids never listen to her.  There are no empty threats in this house.  What we say goes.  Paige has had her spanking and been thoroughly talked to.  And guess what:  it’s super quiet in her room as I blog this.  Now fingers crossed that we won’t have to go through this again anytime soon.


2 Responses to “Bedtime”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    I hope it works! It’s so frustrating to me; we go through the same thing. Bedtime will be GREAT then all of a sudden one of the kids is getting up over and over and over. I guess they occasionally just have to test the limits. Good luck tomorrow!!

  2. Kristin Barrero Says:

    I feel your pain. Sylvie hasn’t liked going to bed for 2 years now. Wait, maybe 4 years. She’s so loud and drama she can get me into a yelling match and I hate that. Plus, we have 2 kids so that changes the dynamics a lot!!!!! I found even if it’s late, doing books is kind of essential. And reassuring her she can come into my room when I get up there (even if she doesn’t most of the time) helps. Also, to cut out the yelling, let my boy who neeeeeeeeds his sleep sleep better and not go to bed cranky I decided to start letting her come back down once in awhile. I’ll put something really boring and adult on tv, sometimes give her a snack (she’s growing so much!!!!!!) and she will even go up back alone sometimes. I thought this would backfire from the “don’t leave your room” policy, but really, it’s working for us. These kids keep us on our toes. Hopefully she does well for you!

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