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Concerts for the Coast October 18, 2010

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This is the name of the company that put on the concerts to helg the Alabama Gulf Coast.  They kicked it all off with Jimmy Buffett.  How can we forget my week of laryngitis following that one?  I spent a week trying not to talk and texting my husband sitting on the other end of the couch!  After Buffett there were a couple of concerts at The Wharf, an entertainment area in Gulf Shores.  This past Friday was a concert by Bon Jovi.

It’s a drive for us to go down there, but it’s definitely doable.  Aunt Wii and I took off work early and headed down.  In a crowd of 35,000 people we ended up standing close to her uncle and cousins who live rather close to the area.  We joined in with them and had a blast.  Bon Jovi puts on a great concert.  It lasted right at 2 hours and he played almost all the time.  Not only did he play all of the songs we all know and love, but he also did a few other songs like Shout.

Sunday night is a concert by Brad Paisley.  Yes, I got tickets for that one as well.  Looks like I’ll be going to another concert.  I have to work Monday morning, so this should be interesting.  Brad Paisley is another person I haven’t seen in person but have wanted to.  Ronnie doesn’t like country music so I’ll be going with my friend Kristi.

The final concert of the series will be Alan Jackson.  He’s someone I want to see, but I don’t think I’ll make it to that one.  The fact that the concerts are free is what’s allowed me to go to so many of them.  We don’t have the spare money laying around to go to all these concerts if we had to buy 2 tickets.  Next weekend I’m going to see Carrie Underwood.  Once again, I’ll be going with Kristi because Ronnie doesn’t like country.  That’s the only ticket we’ve had to buy, and since we only had to buy the 1 it’s fine.

The tickets may be free, but it’s a long-ish drive to get down there, and mostly through small towns with lots of police and a speed limit of 35.  If you do 36 you get a ticket.  I’m not sure how late we’ll be after the Brad Paisley concert.  Ronnie is watching Kristi’s 2 kids so that she and I can go together.  It’ll be a late night for all of us.  Hopefully we’ll stay awake at work Monday!


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  1. C. Beth Says:

    Have a great time!

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