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Cookie Bouquets October 22, 2010

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A few weeks ago I picked up a trio of books.  They’re how to make bouquets out of cookies, candy, and fruit.  The books have great ideas for how to make all kinds of great gifts.  I can use them for teacher gifts, hostess gifts, and a novel way to take in treats for school parties.  I’ve seen the stores where you can order a cookie bouquet, such as Cookies by Design.  Their website shows a 9 cookie Halloween bouquet for only $62.99.

Let’s see, I bought all three books for $9.  I have Halloween cookie cutters courtesy of the Dollar Tree.  I have most of the ingredients to make the actual cookies already in my pantry.  My cookie bouquets may not start out as pretty as theirs, but I haven’t had nearly as much practice.  This weekend will be some cookie baking time.  Paige and I will bake a test run of cookies before her school party on Thursday.  My office won’t care how pretty the cookies are as long as they’re tasty.  We’ll make another trip to Dollar Tree to get a container to hold all the cookies we make.

The books have a lot of ideas for how to put different bouquets together.  I won’t break any copyrights here by posting their recipes or exact bouquet designs.  Their Halloween design is made using cake balls, not cookies.  So, get your favorite sugar cookie recipe ready.  I’ll have some ideas for a cute, frugal cookie bouquet on Monday.


One Response to “Cookie Bouquets”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    Home-baked cookie bouquets–that is a fantastic idea. I do love the “professional” ones (have gotten one or two before) but they are CRAZY expensive.

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