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Just not my day October 28, 2010

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We all have them, and for me, today was it.  And yes, I’m blogging this and publishing immediately, so it’s really about today.  Why am I blogging in the middle of the day?  Well, let’s just say the Immodium is finally working.  My day started off wrong.  The rain woke me up off and on all night so I didn’t get much sleep.  The leaking in my bathroom didn’t help either.  The thunder was so bad I was awake around 4-ish.  I dozed off and on until 5:30 then got up for the day.

I immediately started baking cookies for tomorrow and putting the last of the icing on the cookies for today.  Luckily, the icing was already made and colored.  All I had to do was pipe the icing on, wait for it to dry, and put the cookies in baskets.  The power went out while I was doing this.  Twice.  Paige got a little freaked out the first time it happened.  I finally gathered everything up and was about to walk out the door.  That’s when I realized my camera was dead.  It’s fried.  Never to work again.  I spilled water 3 days ago and thought I got it all cleaned up.  Nope, it got farther than I thought, and my camera has been sitting in water for 3 days now.  It’s not going to recover from this one.

I managed to get my cookies safely to school thanks to some creative transporting.  I went to put one of the baskets on the table and it fell over.  The cookies weren’t really damaged, but they weren’t as cute.  After the trick or treating I went to work.  I was only there a few hours when I started running a low grade fever and was spending most of my time in the bathroom.  I decided to call it a day.  The headache I had wasn’t helping matters any.

The only thing I’ve managed to accomplish this afternoon is booking meal reservations at Disney.  That trip is now the week before Christmas and 5 days long.  We’re now staying on property and purchased the dining plan.  Suddenly meals I couldn’t afford before, like lunch with the Princesses, are an option, since they’re part of the dining plan.  I managed to make meal reservations for all 4 days we’ll be in the park.  Only 2 of those are with characters, but all the restaurants are great!  Our plans changed yesterday when Mom got to MWR on base.  They had much better deals on a 4 day ticket than a 2 day ticket.  We got twice the days for half the price.  And they were able to book us a hotel on the property for $10 more a day than a hotel off the property.  Definitely worth it!  I have a 2011 Unofficial Disney Guide and I’m making plans.


One Response to “Just not my day”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    Oh no (on the camera)!! I hate breaking cameras. 😦

    Disney sounds like it’ll be a blast though!

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