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Charlotte’s Web November 5, 2010

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We’ve been reading this book for about a week now.  Paige gets one chapter a night before bed.  So far she’s loving the book.  Tonight we got to the part where Charlotte says Wilber is Terrific.  Paige can’t wait to see what happens each night, and I’m glad.  I’m glad that she loves books as much as we do.  With a name like Paige I think it’s kind of expected she likes to read.  Also, this was one of my favorite books as a kid.  I read and reread this book over and over.  Stuart Little was another favorite.  I’ve already told her a bit about it and she’s excited to read that one next.  After we finish reading Charlotte’s Web, we’ll watch the movie.  I’m saving Stuart Little for after we read the book as well.

We were reading the Jack and Annie Magic Treehouse books, but Paige has grown tired of them.  She’s decided she’s had enough, at least for now.  We got to book 18 before she lost interest.  They are a great series, and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for things to read with their kids.  I’m thinking of starting Beverly Cleary’s Ramona books once we’ve finished all three of EB White’s.


2 Responses to “Charlotte’s Web”

  1. Jennifer de Lorm Says:

    Anything by Beverly Cleary is good. Shelby just got through reading the Ralph S Mouse Books and loved them and I remember reading them when I was younger.

  2. C. Beth Says:

    Classic book–and a good one!

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