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Sirius Radio November 10, 2010

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One of the options on my new car was Sirius radio free for three months. I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy it. I had satellite radio several years ago and found it annoying. We live in an area with lots of trees overhanging the roads. My satellite radio would go out frequently as I drove under the trees. I’m happy to say it’s greatly improved.  I no longer lose signal sitting at a red light under a canopy of trees.  Also, because this is factory installed, there’s no additional wires and it looks much better in the dash.

Having driven a lot over the several days, I can say I’ve really enjoyed it.  Before, traveling between my house and my Mom’s house we would go through several stations and not always find something we wanted to listen to.  Now I don’t have to switch stations unless I’m tired of listening to that type of music.  And there’s no commercials.  I really like that.  I use my DVR to avoid commercials on my TV, and now I can avoid them on my car radio as well.  Now if I could only avoid them at the movies life would be grand!

I still switch between stations and genres as I search for something to fit my mood.  And sometimes I plug in my iPod if I can’t find exactly what I’m in the mood for.  It’s nice to know I’m going on vacation next month and I’ll know exactly what stations I want to listen to.  My pre-programmed stations may be odd to some, I have the 80’s on 8 (hosted by the original MTV VJ’s), next to Radio Margaritaville, next to Hair Nation (all hair bands, all the time), The Highway (top 40 country) followed by a classic rock station.


3 Responses to “Sirius Radio”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    So will you subscribe when the trial period is over?

    • scifimama Says:

      Absolutely! I can never find anything good on our local stations. I’ll be renewing so I don’t lose any good music. Especially with the Disney drive coming up in December.

  2. Sharon Says:

    I LOVE my satellite radio! 80’s on 8 is one of my favorites. I’ve prgrammed some comedy channels, too.

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