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Challenging Day November 12, 2010

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Thursday was one of those very challenging days as a parent.  Ronnie and Paige were home all day, as the military base and schools were closed.  They had a nice time playing together at home.  There was a tea party and everything.  They definitely had a good day.  I got off work at 5 and came straight home.  That’s when it began.

Paige spent the evening getting in trouble.  She has a new way of expressing her anger, she hisses.  Now, I’m all for expressing your feelings.  Ronnie and I don’t really consider hissing at me an acceptable way to express her anger or frustration.  Paige has a great vocabulary and is all for telling us things, but this was just wrong.  Ronnie got onto her.  About thirty minutes later, she did it again.  Discipline ensued.  Then she lied to me, about 45 minutes before bedtime.  I turned off the TV, deciding she could spend the rest of her evening playing instead.  Paige didn’t like the TV being turned off, and she kicked.  When she kicked, she kicked me.  It was an accident, but still kicking has become one of her ways of saying she’s unhappy.  We’ve been trying to break her of it, but so far no luck.  The result for kicking me was to just go ahead and go to bed.  Paige was rubbing her eyes and acting very tired.  I thought at that point, it was time to just go ahead and put her to bed early.

Paige did her bedtime stuff whining the whole time.  As she’s getting ready for bed we break the news to her: she coughed a lot Wednesday night, so we were giving her cough syrup before bed.  I give Paige her medicine in one shot glass (yes, really, it’s a Pyrex measuring cup shot glass) and in another I give her milk to cut the taste.  Seems someone really didn’t want to take her medicine.  As soon as it was down, she made herself throw it back up all over the living room carpet.  That wasn’t a very nice thing to clean up.

Paige went straight to bed without bedtime stories.  I listened to her move around in bed for a few minutes then silence.  Paige was exhausted from not enough sleep the night before, a day full of playing and two full blown drama queen melt downs.  I think the early bedtime was the best bet for all of us.


3 Responses to “Challenging Day”

  1. strangemamma Says:

    I would say there’s something in the water, but we’re on opposite sides of the pond. My little man has also been getting rubbish sleep at night due a to a cough that just keeps hanging on. He started off as just a bit more cuddly. I guess that’s when he was actually sick, now that he’s feeling better but still tired, last night was meltdown night. I was so tired by the end of it, I went to bed right after him leaving the munchkin with DH so I could just lay in bed and read with no one pulling at me. Hope you guys have a better night tonight!

  2. C. Beth Says:

    Ugh!!! Chickie has started spitting (well, more like a little lip buzz thing) when she’s mad, and Zoodle’s picked up on it too. Definitely not okay–very disrespectful. That earned her a time-out in her room last night.

  3. Sandy Says:

    Noah went through a growling stage at precisely this age. It drove me nuts! Thankfully it was a phase that didn’t last long!

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