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She’s getting better November 17, 2010

Filed under: parenting — scifimama @ 5:37 am

We’ve had a rough few days with Paige lately.  Our weekend was not very pleasant for any of us.  I like that she’s intelligent and has her own opinions.  But, I don’t like it when she’s super defiant and doesn’t listen to a thing we say.  I asked around with some friends and they all said the same thing: completely normal, testing boundaries.  They said be consistent and be firm with what we decide.  They also suggested finding the right punishment for her.

It took us a couple of days, but we finally found the right punishment.  We started taking things away from her.  It really hurt when we took away Steve, her unicorn pillow pet.  She absolutely loves that thing!  Steve moved from being her constant companion to sitting on my bedside table.  That started the change in her behavior.  She wants Steve back, so she’s listening more and better.  The other thing we started is a reward chart.  Paige thrives on praise, like most of us.  We’ve set up rewards and stickers.  It’s very simple.  For each day she pays attention and listens she gets a sticker.  If she gets a sticker on the chart everyday, on Friday she gets a reward.  She wants to see The Last Airbender which comes out on DVD this week.  I’ve told her that if she gets a sticker each day, we can rent the movie Friday night.  So far, she’s gotten a sticker each day.  If a $1 Redbox rental can help us all be happier, I’m all for it.


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