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It’s happened again November 19, 2010

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I’ve gotten sucked into another book and I’ve stopped doing other things as much, like blogging.  It’s all Ronnie’s fault too, but that’s not the point.  Stephen King has always been one of my favorite authors.  Until a few years ago he held the top spot and couldn’t be touched by anyone else.  Then I discovered others I loved just about as much.  JK Rowling got up there by Harry Potter book 3; that’s when I started going to the midnight book releases in Miami.  Then I discovered Orson Scott Card.  Scott Lynch (Gentleman Bastard series), Patrick Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind), and Steig Larsson (Lisbeth Sanders/ Millenium series)  have been more recent additions to some of my favorite authors.

Stephen King and I had a parting of the ways after I tried to read Lisey’s Story.  It wasn’t one of his better works, but I tried to keep reading it.  I got about halfway through it and I just had to put it down.  I couldn’t go any further with it.  It takes a lot for me to put down a book like that, but I did.  Ronnie has been listening to audio books on his daily commute and had downloaded Under the Dome.  Stephen King released that book last November.  I saw it in the stores, but didn’t bother picking it up.  Ronnie go so sucked into the book that he couldn’t stop listening.  I would catch him listening to his iPod as he cooked dinner.  Playing video games or surfing the web?  Listening to his iPod.  He couldn’t stop listening.  When Books a Million had a sale last week I picked it up.  And I can’t put it down.

The book gets back to the great writing Stephen King did with stories like The Stand or The Gunslinger.  Once again I’m carrying the book with me wherever I go.  Between the time when Paige goes to bed and I go to bed pretty much all I do is read.  This is not a typical horror novel you would expect.  The basic premis is that one Saturday morning a dome appears exactly over a towns boundaries.  The book then follows what happens in the small town in Maine.  I’ve spent about as much time away from the book as I think I can for now.  I have to wrap this up and get back to the book.  Yes, I know that means I may be addicted.  That’s OK, I’m about halfway through the book so I should be back soon.


One Response to “It’s happened again”

  1. strangemamma Says:

    I’m probably only a third of the way through and its seriously stressing me out that it’s taking me so long to read. I just don’t have the time that I used to and I cant do it before bed or I would never get to sleep. I’d just have to pause a couple times two nurse ZuZu and I’d still be reading when the alarm went off. I love Stephen King, there’s only been a couple books that haven’t kept my interest.

    Besides the myriad of lines that have kept me laughing for years from the Hitchhiker’s Guide, one of the funniest lines in a book was from Needful Things. “He turned and spit out his window only to discover it was closed.”

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