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Wrestling an angry bear November 24, 2010

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Or putting a 4 year old to bed.  I imagine they both feel about the same.  We have the same bedtime routine we’ve had for years: potty, wipe, flush (yes, we MUST say these words to her each time or she “forgets”), wash hands, brush teeth, put on pull up.  Then it’s off to her bedroom for stories and bed.  The routine does not change.  It doesn’t matter whose house she’s at, the routine doesn’t change.

So, why is it we have to go through this every night?  We try to get her to do her bedtime stuff and she tries to play around.  We tell her it’s not funny, and she can see we aren’t happy with her playing, but she just keeps doing it.  Things have gotten better since we started the sticker reward chart, but we still have our nights.  Tuesday was one of those nights, but we were still manageable until we got to her room.

Paige has a flashlight she uses every night to read in bed. Lately she’s been leaving it on all night and draining the battery.  Some mornings we can’t find it in the bed, or we’re running late and it doesn’t get charged.  Last night when she got into bed the flashlight was dead.  She had a complete melt down over no flashlight.  She has a nightlight in her room, and there’s street lights outside her window, so it’s not that dark in her room anyway.  We finally got her calmed down and asleep.  The flashlight is charged and ready to go.  And hopefully she’ll have an easier night tonight.



One Response to “Wrestling an angry bear”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    Bedtime struggles are so frustrating!

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