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Black Friday Shopping? November 26, 2010

Filed under: Family,Paige — scifimama @ 9:42 am

Did you do it?  I did, sort of.  Yesterday evening Mom and I went to Michael’s for their Thanksgiving Day sale.  We picked up a few things, but not much.  I got a new scrapbook for Paige.  I was one short for all the things I’ve done.  It’ll be nice to separate out the years correctly.  It was half price plus I had a coupon for 30% off my entire purchase.  I also picked up a few more stickers and things for when I scrapbook the next Disney trip.  They were also 50%.  I got out of Michael’s for less than $20, the usual price of the scrapbook itself.

That was my only trip to an actual store for Black Friday shopping.  I found something I wanted to get Ronnie and checked Walmart’s website.  I could order it online for the same price with free shipping to the house.  His gift should be delivered by next Friday.  I was able to get the great sale price without actually having to get up and fight the crowd.  I would say that’s a definite plus!  The rest of our Black Friday plans include cleaning the living room and getting our Christmas tree.  I’m hoping if I sneak in the garden shop of Lowes I’ll be able to get in and out this afternoon without it being too awful.

We do have some pretty cool plans for Saturday.  Paige is going to see Tangled.  I’ve got tickets for a 4:40 showing.  That gives us plenty of time at a rock show first.  We all know Paige has a fascination with rocks.  My Uncle Bobby is hoping the fascination goes beyond just putting them up her nose or picking them up around town.  He’s taking Paige to her very first rock show.  He takes pleasure in buying kids their first “real” rock, and Paige is no exception.  She’ll get a chance to pick out her first rock and possibly start her own collection.  Bets on the color she’ll pick?


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