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Quilting January 3, 2011

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Oh, no, not me.  I don’t sew.  Ronnie is the one making the quilt, but it is for me.  Not long after we got married Ronnie finally decided to part ways with some of his collected t-shirts. No, and I didn’t make him, he just realized that he was carrying around shirts he would never wear again.  But all of these shirts had some sort of sentimental value, so he had kept them.  Instead of throwing them away, giving to Goodwill, or cutting up for cleaning rags, he wanted to make a crazy quilt.  He cut up t-shirts, chef jackets, baseball hats, and even his Little Mermaid pillowcase from high school and turned them into a huge quilt jumble.

At the same time, we started putting shirts aside that I had saved in order to do the same thing for me.  When Paige got here and started outgrowing her clothes, we did the same for her.  I didn’t have nearly as many shirts as he did.  Moving around so much in the Army, my stash had pretty well been gone through and tossed years ago.  I did have a lot of shirts from the Army and we started with those, adding in shirts here and there as I no longer wore them, but didn’t want to part with them.  Ronnie asked if I wanted to use some of my dad’s flannel shirts to the quilt.  There’s no way I could have worn as many flannel shirts as I had.  So, instead of them sitting in my closet, or being packed away, I agreed.  It’s a great way to keep the shirts out and close and get some good use for them.  By adding the flannel shirts to the t-shirts I had, there was almost enough.  Ronnie needed just a few more squares of material to complete the top.  The rule for going on the quilt being it had to have a special meaning to me.  I hit up the the bottom drawer in Paige’s dresser.  That’s where I keep the things she no longer uses or have gotten too small. I pulled out a pair of her pajamas that are just too Paige for words: little pirate princesses are all over them, and one of her nursery crib sheets was the final piece.

Ronnie has been working on my quilt for a few days now.  The top is about ready to be pieced together.  There are alternating squares of flannel shirt and other shirts.  The bottom of the quilt is a bunch of cool fabrics that we’ve picked up here and there.
There was some left over flannel, so I’m getting matching throw pillows as well.  The pillows are done, but I’ll hold off posting pictures until I can post pictures of everything together.  Ronnie got four pillows out of the shirts he had to use: one for Paige, one for Mom, and two for me/around the house use.

Some of you may have seen this idea for a quilt in the latest Eclipse movie, Eclipse.  Several of the women in the theatre were commenting on what a great idea it is, and how they’ll be saving shirts to do the same for their kids.  I’m definitely glad that we saved special clothes from Paige.  She may not ever remember wearing the pirate princess pajamas on my quilt, or using the crib sheet, or even the AC/DC shirt that’s been saved for her quilt, but we remember them.  We know how cute she was in them and how much it meant to us that she has a quilt from them.  We remember the shirts, and hopefully when she gets older she will enjoy it as much as we do.


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  1. C. Beth Says:

    That sounds SO cool! I’m looking forward to pics!

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