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Driving January 6, 2011

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Having spent quite a bit of time in my car lately I’ve noticed some things about drivers.  Here’s my complaints and suggestions for driving on the interstate.

Left lane The left lane is generally used for passing.  Now I will admit to driving in the left lane when there’s no one else around me that needs to pass.  The left lane is the fast lane.  My opinion of fast and Ronnie’s opinion of fast is two different things.  So I’m sure you and I have different ideas of fast.  But I think it’s safe to say that to be in the fast lane on the interstate you should at least be doing the speed limit.  If the speed limit is 70, and you’re barely doing 50, you probably belong in the right lane.

Tailgating Let me tell you how much I just love tailgaters.  They’re some of my favorite people.  I like them as much as I like liver and cauliflower.  I’m pretty sure you can figure out how much I like those.  (Here’s a hint, I haven’t eaten either in probably 30 years or more.  BLAH!)  Driving on my bumper will not make me go any faster.  In fact, it usually has the opposite affect, especially if I can block you in.  Here’s the thing, some silly physics law states that only one object may be in any space at any given time.  That means if the car in front of me is doing 65, I can’t go any faster, or we would be in the same spot at the same time.  That will end up very bad.  I especially like it when it’s raining like Wednesday morning.  It was like driving through a monsoon.  Everyone around me was driving 50 with their hazard lights on.  My wipers couldn’t keep up and visibility was very low.  I was leaving a bit of extra room between me and the car in front of me since they were slamming on breaks at odd times.  I had some special thoughts for the 18 wheeler tailgating me for a couple of miles.  And yes, I was in the left lane doing 50, and the people in the right lane were doing 40.  The weather was that bad.

Pick a speed Unless I’m driving in a monsoon or other bad weather, and I’m on the interstate, there’s a 99% chance I have my cruise control set.  There’s just something about people who speed up then slow down that really bugs me.  The ones that speed up as I’m trying to pass them are always fun.  It’s like “Oh no!  I can’t be passed by that funky green car.  It could be an alien spaceship coming to probe me.  I must speed up!!”  That’s usually the car that slows down as soon as they’re passed.  Or the ones that speed up to cut in front of you and then slow down.  Those are special people too.

Just move over Really, people, it’s just a car, it’s just the interstate.  Have a little compassion.  If you’re in the right lane and see a car coming onto the interstate, check to your left.  All clear?  Yep, move on over.  Don’t speed up and cut off the other car so they can’t merge.  That’s not nice and it causes accidents. If you’re in the left lane, and aren’t passing anyone, or you’re not doing the speed limit, get over into another lane.

I know, all this stuff was common sense.  If only common sense were actually common!  It’s becoming less and less common over time, and that’s rather sad.  There are more interesting posts coming.  I have more ideas of things to write about, like a certain little girl I know is turning 5 soon and has an awesome birthday party planned.  This adjustment period to the new job and all that driving is getting to me.


One Response to “Driving”

  1. StrangeMamma Says:

    One of my favourite things about living in the UK is the drivers. Not that they’re all great, and some can be very aggressive, but driving here is just a much more civilized affair. The passing lane is for passing only. If you’re approaching a lane merging and you can move, you do. If you’re trying to turn or change lanes and someone is letting you in, they flash their lights as a go ahead and you flash your fog lamps as a thank you. Besides my car being on the wrong side of me, I really enjoy driving in the UK.

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