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Work Trip January 10, 2011

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Wednesday I got an email from Ronnie “Call me.”  So I call him thinking this type of email is never good.  The company he works for is having a crisis in Dallas and they want him to come out and help with it.  He needs to know from me if he can go, or if there’s something going on here to stop him from going.  My first thought is about picking Paige up from after care in the afternoons.  I drop her off at before care when I leave in the mornings.  But with me working so far away from home, there’s no way I can get her before they close at 6 pm.  And I really hate leaving her in there that long, even if it’s only for a week.  Once we get moved she’ll spend a lot less time in before and after care.  I ask him to call Aunt Wii to see if she can help out with picking her up.  If Aunt Wii can do it at least three days, I’ll see about changing my time for the other two days to leave work early.  Aunt Wii is able to do it all five days, so I give him the go.

Ronnie pulled out Sunday morning.  He’ll be back Saturday, so it’s a full week without him.  Trying to juggle Paige, work and a 2 1/2 hour commute each day is going to be a challenge.  By the time he gets back I’m going to be ready for a pedicure and some alone me time I’m sure.  Paige and I spent a great lazy day on Sunday, not getting out of jammies all day.  It was wonderful!  We watched movies, played countless games of Go Fish, snacked, read and just relaxed.  Of course, the usual issues still occurred when I announced it was shower time.  That’s when the usual bedtime “I don’t wanna’s” start.  Oh well.  If that’s our only issue, I’m sure we’ll have a good week.


2 Responses to “Work Trip”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    It’s definitely hard when they have to leave on business trips! But tell Ronnie I’m waving at him from Austin. 🙂

  2. StrangeMamma Says:

    Hope it’s going well, I have another week at the end of the month with The Rocket Scientist away and then again in April (but hopefully a friend is coming for a visit at the same time) and then twice in June. Oh, and possibly another trip in between times and he gets any interviews for the dozen jobs he’s applied for, there’ll be more. Oh joy. But we survive. Mostly.

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