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The Big 5 January 11, 2011

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Paige will be turning 5 in a couple of weeks.  I can’t believe my baby girl has gotten so big!  But this post isn’t about that.  It’s about how to have another Princess birthday party without it being exactly the same princess party as last year.  As much as Paige asks to watch Star Wars or Star Trek, or even her superhero movies, she just really loves the Disney Princesses.  I wanted to do something that was at least a bit different than her last princess party. Although I’m not opposed to using the same theme since it means I can reuse a lot of the same decorations.  To make this years party a bit different, it will be a Princess Makeover Party.

Here’s how it works.  First, we ask Aunt Wii (a hairdresser, stylist, person who does hair for a living) to come help out because Mommy is hair challenged.  Great, first task down.  Next, get a bunch of cheap Wet & Wild makeup.  There’s no way I’m using my Clinique or Mac on the kids.  I’m picking some up cheap.  I’ll use the same eye shadows on all the girls, purchasing some extra applicators I can throw away after each girl.  Lip gloss will belong to that girl and will be part of their goody bag.  I slipped a note inside each invitation explaining we would be doing Princess Makeovers and asking each girl to bring her favorite princess or fairy costume for a fashion show.  This also lets the parents know in case they don’t want their girls to participate.  They can easily decline the invite without feeling weird about the whole makeup and fashion show thing when they arrive.

While one girl has her hair done, another will have her makeup done.  So, what to do with the other 10 girls you ask?  Crafty stuff.  I’ll set up a table with construction paper, butcher paper, glue, pom pom balls, crayons, sequins, googly eyes and all sorts of crafty stuff.  Each girl can make something while she waits.  Also for their entertainment will be a princess movie playing on the DVD.

After all girls are properly hair and makeup ready they will put on their outfit and have a fashion show complete with professional photographer.  (Big thanks to my cousin Stephi on that one.)  After the party is over I can email pics to the parents, and upload on Facebook for more instant gratification.  The stage will be on the carport coming out of the living room door.  Curtains will be the pink ones on Paige’s Pirate Princess Fort in her bedroom.  After the girls have walked out we can have cake and ice cream followed by the castle pinata Paige has requested.  By then the party should be just about over.  We’re having it later in the afternoon, from 2-4, so I won’t be serving a meal.  I’ll have out some chips and dips and maybe those mini egg rolls everyone seems to love.

This will be our first girls only party.  Up until now we’ve included boys.  I just didn’t think most boys would want to dress up and play fashion show.  I could be wrong, but we’re going to stick with girls only for this one.  I think the party should be fun.  Most little girls love playing dress up, and what better way to do it?


2 Responses to “The Big 5”

  1. StrangeMamma Says:

    I can’t wait to have awesome themed parties complete with activities. Pass the parcel is only so fun.

    Sorry for the comment overload. We finally got our wireless working. Sooooo excited!!! Who knows? Maybe I’ll actually blog next!

  2. C. Beth Says:

    That sounds like SO much fun!

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