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Green January 12, 2011

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A couple weeks ago someone said to me, “OHHHHHH, you’re one of those green people” in response to the tires I have. I could have taken offense at it, but why? It’s the truth. I’m one of those green people. That comment did get me to thinking though, and there’s more I can do to be more green.

I already do a few things to be green. I carry a cool fold up shopping bag in my purse. It’s the Timmy bag, as Paige has named it. I like to use shopping bags when I can. There are times when I forget, or I’m in a hurry, so I don’t use them. But those few bags I get are used at home in the bathroom trashcan. At least I’m still putting them to good use. When I bought my new car I read up on how it is for the environment. The score was pretty good in my opinion. The 2011 Kia Soul rates an 8 out of 10 for Global Warming Score meaning it’s emissions are lower than the average 2011 car. The smog score is a 5 out of 10. I’m sure that could be better, but at least it’s average. And I’m sure both scores are higher than the minivan I owned previously. I’m afraid of what those scores looked like. Overall, my vehicle emissions are lower than average and better for the environment. My tires on the new car are Nitro Fill tires. Honestly, I didn’t know what they were when I bought the car. They give me better gas mileage, save wear and tear on my tires, and gives better vehicle performance. Check them out and see what you think. There’s the other usual things as well. Little things like turning off lights, unplugging small appliances when not in use, recycling.

It made me wonder what I can do to be even more green. I’m going to try to do a few small things that may be a bit harder for me to do. I want to start taking my own plasticware to eat lunch with instead of using disposable every day at work and throwing it away. Last year I bought the McAlister’s insulated tea cup to use there and get refills for only 99 cents each. I want to keep using that this year at McAlister’s even if I don’t get cheap refills, at least I’ll bring my own cup. Finally, I want to get my own reusable cup for Starbucks. It has to be venti size so I can take it in with me and still get my same drink that I love. Those may not seem like big things to you. I can remember the McAlister’s cup, that shouldn’t be a problem. Taking my own reusable plasticware will be harder because I just don’t remember it. We own it, and it sits unused in the silverware drawer. And finally I have to find a cup I like and start remembering to take it with me.

Any other ideas for being more green?


One Response to “Green”

  1. silver star Says:

    Sounds like your doing a pretty good job already, but I will throw in a few suggestions that I have done (not necessarily to save the environment, but it helps). I bought a reusable lunch sack, sandwich box, some snack cups, coffee cups, and other drink cups that I’ve used at work when I was unable to leave for lunch & couldn’t purchase food or drinks there. I keep reusable shopping bags in my car so I have them when I go shopping, if I buy too many items and have to use plastic or paper bags, they get reused for small trash cans. I live by a recycling place, so I can usually drop off plastic bottles, glass, etc. while out running errands.

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