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Very boring January 20, 2011

Filed under: Daddy,Mommy,Whatever — scifimama @ 5:29 am

Most people probably won’t admit they’re boring, but I can.  I’m blogging this on Wednesday evening sitting on the couch, and will schedule it to post Thursday morning.  We’ve spent the week so far in the usual way: work, dinner, showers, bed.  Ronnie shook things up Tuesday by being diagnosed with bronchitis.  He’s not contagious, and caught it in the very early stages.  Lucky for us.

We’re sitting here watching Top Gear, which is as close as I come to being a car kind of person.  Let’s be honest, I picked my car based on the cute boxy style, amazing alien green color, the light up speakers, gas mileage, and the whole pretty good for the environment thrown in there.  I’ve been watching while blogging, playing Words with Friends and texting.  Can you say ADD?  I’m pretty good at the whole multi-tasking thing.

What is Ronnie doing you ask?  He’s sitting on the couch next to me, watching Top Gear, and sewing a unicorns tail back on.  Seems Paige has been swinging Steve the Unicorn Pillow Pet around by his tail and it came off today.  She was laughed at today in school.  Daddy made a quick trip to the fabric store and picked up some thick pink thread.  Steve’s tail will be happily back in place soon.  I’m thinking of changing Steve’s name to Eeyore. There will be no more swinging Steve by the tail.  Now to keep reminding her she can’t grab and swing him by the horn either.

Hopefully some of you are a bit more exciting that we are.  We have better plans for the weekend, of course.  But mid week?  We’re tired and don’t do much more than veg on the couch.


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