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She’s 5 January 24, 2011

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**Sniff, Sniff**  My baby girl turned five yesterday.  I still can’t believe she’s that old.  We celebrated the day with a Princess Makeover Party.  We planned for 14 girls, including the birthday girl and 10 showed up.  Not a bad turn out, especially when you consider all the work we needed to do with the makeovers. The party was definitely a huge success.  I even heard one Mom comment on how I do really good goody bags.  They may have been a bit over the top, but it also included the tiara, wand and lipgloss for each girl.  I didn’t want them sharing lipglosses and passing on any sickness they may have been incubating.  Here’s Paige’s cousin Kelsey getting her hair done.

Paige picked out her cake all by herself.  It had princesses on it, what a surprise!  Sleeping Beauty even lit up.

The girls all sitting on our bed getting ready for the fashion show.

Are we brave or stupid? I vote for extremely lucky.  I have two words for you:  Pinata.  Inside.  Look at that stance!  Think she can be the first girl to play for the Red Sox?  A Mommy can dream.

Probably the coolest present of the day: Stephi (another cousin) made her a board game based on Beauty and the Beast.  It has pictures from one of the books, as well as spaces with “to do” things based on the movie itself.  Things like “Have tea with Mrs Potts, skip a turn.”  Paige loves it.  We’re going to shellac it so it lasts for a long time.

After all the girls left, it was just a few family members, including Kelsey.  Kelsey will be three in just a few weeks, and is the daughter of my cousin Cameron and his fiancee Brittany.  One of the reasons we are moving back home this summer is so Paige can grow up with her cousins like I did with mine.  And when you see them with each other, you can understand why.  Here’s my Serling Paige with her cousin Kelsey Paige.

One final picture just to show how much fun the girls do have together.  Once the above picture was snapped, they both started jumping, still holding hands.

All of the girls had an absolute blast.  I’m glad we were able to do such a fun party this year.  We’re toying with the idea of a goodbye tea party just before we move.  Paige has more than enough tea sets to have one.  That would be a smaller event though with just a few girls.


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  1. C. Beth Says:

    It looks like it was a huge hit! Great job!

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