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Daycare dilema February 7, 2011

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Let me start by saying we’ve been spoiled by the daycare we have.  They’re amazing.  Really, really amazing.  The director is a friend and has even offered to take Paige home with her if we’re running late.  Yeah, that’s spoiled.  Most daycares in our town offer drop off and pick up to the local schools.  It makes things very easy and convenient for the parents.  Parents can drop their kids off at school or at daycare, then after school the daycare picks them up and takes them back to the daycare.  We’re looking for the same thing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Any idea how hard that is?

It’s not hard in a couple of the larger cities.  However, in the not so larger cities, forget it.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s one of the larger towns we would like to live in.  Our checkbook could have other ideas though.  The school district is great and it’s a wonderful town, but it’s a bit on the expensive side for housing.  We have a couple of towns we’re looking into, but haven’t decided on one yet.  A lot of it will depend on where we can find a daycare that will do after school pickup.  I can drop her off at school in the mornings, but we need that after school pickup.

Some people have suggested we use the schools after care program.  But that brings up a bigger problem: what happens when school is closed?  School is closed so the after care program is closed.  We need somewhere for Paige to go on those days as well.  Finding this ultimate in daycare has proven hard so far.  Hopefully we’ll figure something out soon.  We’re starting with this first since it will determine more of where we live than anything else.


One Response to “Daycare dilema”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    That is tough–I really hope you somehow find the perfect combo, with after-school pickup from an awesome, affordable daycare…in a place where you can afford housing too!

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