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Hello, Beautiful February 8, 2011

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I have been lusting after you since June 7, 2010. I’ve admired your sleek lines, your super cool-ness. I’ve pictured you sitting next to my computer. You would look so great. You know, the Apple on the back of my laptop, and the Apple on your back. I’ve had your older brother (father? grandfather?), but he’s getting old and slowing down. He wasn’t big enough to handle all of the things I wanted him to do. Now, you are mine.

I’ve wanted an iPhone 4 since I first saw the pictures. Even the leaked picture was enough to tempt me. Sadly, I wasn’t up for an upgrade when it came out. I wanted it, but it was out of my reach. Then, I could upgrade, but the price tag wasn’t working with my checking account at the time. Then, Monday $200 just fell into my lap. It did, in the shape of a little envelope and the words “3rd Quarter Square Winner” written on it. I had spent $5 to enter the office Superbowl Squares. My numbers were lucky, and I ended up winning $200 for the 3rd quarter. Not too bad. So I spent the money on something I’ve been wanting for a while.

Paige has already asked if she can have my old iPhone. I think 5 is still a bit young for her first iPhone though.


2 Responses to “Hello, Beautiful”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    Oooooh, it’s so pretty! And that rocks that you basically got it for free. Well, for $5. Plus tax. 😉

  2. Kristin Barrero Says:

    So awesome! We have 2 iphones in our house that are cracked or don’t hold battery enough, and 2 that we use for ourselves. The iphones live on a charger in the Family Room and still hold the old games and such we downloaded but do not have phone service. Both kids use them often and i bring them to restaurants with us (we do big long sit-down dinners often at fancy places). I think the biggest thing to watch out for is breakage (they sit on the couch or a chair), and ordering things. Example: the My Little Pony game asks if you want to upgrade. If you had recently logged in and click “yes” it will upgrade and you have no idea! Sylvie has a cat game and to buy coins to buy an extra cat is $11. So maybe if you give it to Paige and log in to buy any apps, make sure you log out and you’ll be okay.

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