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Goodbye, Beautiful… February 21, 2011

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After 4 iPods, 1 MacBook Pro, and 2 iPhones, I’ve finally had a problem with an Apple product.  I can’t believe it either.  Yes, we’ve had 4 iPods,but that’s no Apple’s fault.  My first iPod was good, but not large enough, so I bought a larger capacity and sold my first on ebay to pay for the new one.  Ronnie’s first iPod was still going strong until it landed in a liter of water during our car accident back in August.  Both of us are still using our second iPods.  I bought my MacBook Pro about 4 years ago.  After 1 battery and an operating system upgrade it’s still going strong.  My first iPhone?  Still works, just doesn’t go as fast as I would like.  Good thing too, since I’ll be going back to it.

Sunday afternoon my phone rang.  Aunt Wii wanted me to look something up for her online while she was out shopping.  Too bad I couldn’t hear a word she was saying.  Nothing.  So we texted, which is my main form of communication anyway.  If it wasn’t for my Mom, I wouldn’t use very many minutes a month since I text everyone else.  (Now if Felicita out in LA breaks a finger or something, my text usage will drop by at least half.  Not even her 6 week hospitalization and birth of twins could stop us!)  Wondering if it was her phone or mine, I grabbed my work cell and called myself.  Using the very scientific method of speaking into one phone and listening on the other, I realized it was my beautiful iPhone that had a problem.

After a quick trip to the AT&T store, I realized I had to speak with Apple Tech Support.  They had me connect to iTunes and back up my phone, which I had already done before going to AT&T, and do a restore to factory settings.  The thought process being that it was a software issue that could be corrected that way.  Once the factory restore was done, I restored all of my backed up data, and tried my phone.  Still nothing.  I can hear from the speaker, but not from the handset itself.  One more not so quick call to Apple Tech Support got me set up for an exchange.

Apple is sending me a brand new iPhone 4, and I’m sending my old one back.  I’ll be without my pretty phone until Thursday most likely.   It really depends on if UPS is open or closed for President’s Day.  They have made this super easy too.  I take the SIM card from my old iPhone and pop it into the new one.  I can then restore the old phone to exactly how the new one is set up.  I was given a claim number that I can take to the UPS store.  Give them the claim number and they’ll package my iPhone 4 and return it overnight to Apple.  Once Apple gets it they’ll have a new phone sent out to me within 24 hours.  Really, not bad at all.

I spoke to a total of 3 people at Apple, 1 on each phone call, and all 3 were very nice and helpful.  Each person tried to offer me the extended warranty package, but I’ve turned it down.  I’ve never had a problem with any of my Apple products.  My old iPhone even survived hitting the window at 75 MPH during the accident and still worked wonderfully.  I didn’t have any kind of cover on it either.  I’ll consider the extended warranty on the new phone after I get it.


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