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Mommy Time February 28, 2011

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Ronnie is out of town on another business trip.  He doesn’t usually have a lot of them so to have two this close is pretty unusual.   The company he works for has been expanding (yes, in this economy!) and he’s helped out with that.  He did turn down an offer to be part of the “opening team.”  That’s too much travel since it would be once a month.  This trip is for ten days.  Before leaving he called up his Mom and asked her if she wanted Paige for the weekend.  She quickly agreed.  Friday on my way to work I dropped Paige off at G-Mama’s house.  I picked her up Sunday after church.

A full day and a half and two nights to myself. I didn’t count Friday as a me day since I had to work.  What to do with all that me time?  Sleeping in was top on my to do list.  Saturday morning was full of errands.  Then a relaxing pedicure with my friend Kristi.  Then a quick lunch with some of her family, and I was off on more errands.  Eventually, errands ended.  At that point I tried to become one with my couch.

I did do some housework and get some things accomplished that were on my to do list.  I tried a couple of things to make life easier this next work week. If they help, I’ll be blogging about it later on.  The most important thing was the ability to actually rest and recharge my batteries.  I’m going into this work week feeling good and ready to face whatever is thrown my way.


One Response to “Mommy Time”

  1. C. Beth Says:

    Wow, that sounds AWESOME. So glad you got that time to yourself!

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